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Best of the Week – February 21, 2016

The best stuff for YOUR health, found around the web ...
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Things We Like – 15 Minutes to Fit

In the spirit of positive thinking, we try to stick to things that will help you. This is one… ...
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wild boar chili recipe

Wild Boar Chili

We saw some frozen, ground wild boar the other night, and decided to make chili! Enjoy, because we sure did. ...
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Three simple things you can do today to improve your health tomorrow

Waiting for the perfect plan and the perfect time? Don’t let perfect be the enemy of progress (and your good… ...
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the downside to fitness trackers - jawbone fitbit

The Darkside of Fitness Trackers

Yes, for all the good a Fitbit or Jawbone can do, there are some negatives. ...
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The Holiday Gift Guide – not the stuff

You know our awesome holiday gift guide – the one we publish each year to help you choose the healthiest… ...
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Why 90 days?

“90 days is a long time, I would have never done this if it wasn’t for the group and you… ...
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The 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

  The holidays are around the corner and clients, readers, family, and friends are asking us for health-giving and soul-nurturing gift ideas ...
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Spiced hot chocolate

It’s getting cold here. Maybe not real weather cold, but cold enough for a jacket, soup, tea and well, hot… ...
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