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Health Hacking vs Health Habits

The internet is filled with ‘hacks’ to take your health to the next level, but people need a few health… ...
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Sitting is not the enemy

You’ve read the titles – sitting is the new smoking, sitting kills, sitting makes a pancake ...
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Chicken No Tortilla Soup Recipe

Chicken [No] Tortilla Soup

I’ve been making soup from scratch for years, so I have my old standby recipes. Chicken Tortilla Soup, or Chicken… ...
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The Spring 90 Day Reboot

Our next 90 Day Reboot starts Monday, April 11th! About four times per year, we lead ...
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Kevin Tumlinson's Wordslinger Podcast - Living Well with Roland Denzel

Roland on The Wordslinger Podcast

Talking eating, moving, and living well with my friend, Kevin Tumlinson ...
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The Sleep Hygiene Checklist

Like it or not (believe it or not), improving your sleep might be the single most important lifestyle change you… ...
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Conversation with a Diabetic

The line for coffee was long, and the guy at the head of the line ordered a Diet Coke. “Is… ...
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Happy National Napping Day!

Sleep is important. Napping is sleep. Go and nap. But check this out first ...
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