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The 2017 Healthy Holidays Gift Guide

Tis the season for gifts. It’s a tradition around here to share gift ideas – and not just any gifts,… ...
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podcasting with more pumpkin spice

Galina & Roland Talk All Day Movement

Galina and Roland sit down with you to talk all day movement and how to have a more dynamic workday. …and… ...
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Doniga Markegard Podcast Episode EatMoveLive52 Dawn Again

Dawn Again with Doniga Markegard

Today we talk with author, rancher, and wildlife tracker Doniga Markegard about her new book, Dawn Again – Tracking the… ...
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Move Your DNA October 4-5 Workshop Ventura California

Work live with Galina at the Move Your DNA Weekend!

Want to move healthier, feel younger, and live better than ever? Want some hands on training by two of the… ...
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Shawn Stevenson Podcast Episode EatMoveLive52 Sleep Smarter

Sleep Smarter with Shawn Stevenson

What if I told you the easiest way to lose weight was to go to bed, not go to the… ...
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Drink coffee, Not too much, Mostly black" - Coffee is healthy

Yes, coffee is healthy

Have you noticed that the things we love the most in food and drink are often the things most studied?… ...
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Can you manage or prevent Alzheimer's naturally?

Can you manage or prevent Alzheimer’s naturally?

Alzheimer’s disease seems to be on the rise.  With so much focus on our fast changing habits, foods, and environments,… ...
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Foreword INDIE Gold Award Health EatMoveLive52

Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well wins the Foreword INDIE Gold

We are so thrilled, happy, and honored that our book, Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well – 52 Ways to Feel… ...
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Roland and Galina talk Alzheimer’s, Sleep Apnea, Awards

We sit down without guests to update you on our latest events, where we learned about preventing and managing Alzheimer’s… ...
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Vibram Furushiki minimal shoe review

Furoshiki – The Vibram Minimal Shoe Review

When the Furoshiki shoe  first came out, I got tagged half a dozen times on Facebook. “Have you seen these… ...
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