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personal size cheesecake

The best diet dessert just might be a personal cheesecake

The best diet dessert isn’t a diet dessert at all. Any dessert can fit in your diet if you eat… ...
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Full Disclosure Friday – Basic health advice, weird advice

The internet is full of health hacks and advanced fitness advice, but when it comes to basic tips, sometimes the… ...
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Galina Denzel halloween pumpkin workout eatmovelive52

VIDEO: Happy Halloween Workout!

No time for the gym? Watch this quick video for ideas on how to use your Halloween pumpkin as a… ...
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candy corn trick your treats this halloween eatmovelive52.com

Trick Your Treats This Halloween!

You gotta love Halloween! The costumes, the decoration, the pumpkins. …and all that candy calling to you from bowls set… ...
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5 tips for healthy eating for fall

Ancient wisdom for your fall nutrition

Fall is upon us. I woke up early to meet the sunrise today – and as I stepped out the… ...
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three simple tips for better coffee

Three simple tips for better coffee

Coffee house-level coffee might seem hard to make at home, but it’s not. Make fun of hipsters all you want,… ...
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too many figs recipe

What to do with figs

Figs are easily one of my top three fruits. In Bulgaria, everyone knows what to do with figs, starting with… ...
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Grilled Chicken with Summer Fruit Salsa

These thinly sliced chicken breasts grill up quick and easy on the grill, and the simple fruit salsa makes for… ...
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Are you ready for a summer refresh?

Join us for the very best of summer fruits and vegetables! ...
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