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When it comes to books, even the little things help! Sharing posts, pictures, and reviews help tremendously all the time, but it’s even more importantly in the days and weeks surrounding a book launch!


Most people make a split decision when they see a book online. Does it have reviews? How many? Are they good? Honestly, more reviews are more important than the number of stars!

We do want you to love our books, but above all we want honest reviews and honest feedback, whether it’s on Amazon or via email. If you see a glaring error or want to provide us some feedback, please drop us a line, but when it comes time to review, please be honest.


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Honestly, one of the best ways for a book to take off these days is when other people share the books they love with family and friends. Books rarely go as viral as a silly youtube video, but when friends share their love of a book, people buy it. Suddenly, stores like Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble notice and promote it, themselves. It’s true, so your sharing helps, so share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or wherever you and your tribe hang out!

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