90 Day Spring Reboot

Welcome to 90 Day Spring Reboot. This page will be the home page for the whole program.

Here are the first steps.

  1. Please watch the welcome video.
  2. Please fill out and submit this form.
  3. Please download and read the 30 Days of Real Food
  4. Join the Facebook group.

5. To help you visualize what your meals will look like during the first 30 days please download and read this file:  90 Day New Year Reboot – Planning Meals. You can print it out and use the tables to plan meals that you enjoy.

BONUS MATERIAL – you don’t necessarily need to listen here, but you can do it to gain even deeper insight into why we start the 90 days with the 30 days of real food

Listen to this interview, where we talk about using real food to detox your body, which is essentially the philosophy behind the first 30 days of the 90 Day New Year Reboot.

Click and listen here

You can listen in various different ways, including iTunes here.

6. Please take some time to clean up your pantry from red list ingredients and items. If your family still enjoys some of them, that is fine. Just make sure you know exactly which they are, so you don’t use them yourself. To help you clean up and stock up your pantry, we have created a detailed shopping list. Download it here.

7. Check out some awesome recipes we shared, so you can easily plan your meals using the sheets we provided in 90 Day New Year Reboot – Planning Meals.

You can see the recipes here .

8. Need some inspiration listening to Roland talk about pantry clean up? Check out this video, where we not only discuss pantry clean-up, but also what do if planning your meals does not work – there IS a plan B. Click for video.

9. As we kick off on April 11, we start talking about essential skills. The first one is MANAGING TIME. Have a listen.


10. The first Google Hangout meeting was on April 16. Please watch the video here

11. Habit 2 – walk more – Watch the video here

12. How to plan meals when life gets busy. Eat well shortcuts

13. Benefits of walking. More benefits of walking – a chapter from our upcoming book

14. 30 days – the homestretch! Watch the video.

15. Google Hangout – how to transition out of the 30 days, and the new habit 3 – become a label detective! Watch video.

16. Reading the Labels – Ingredients & Nutrition Facts – please read the file.

17. Habit 4 – Batch Cooking – please read the file  Batch cooking – habit 4

18. Habit 5 – Make your day dynamic! There are many ways to make your day dynamic. Most of them are in this lesson here: Stand Up For Yourself Chapter 35 – EatMoveLive52

To make your exercise breaks possible – here are several different videos you can learn from – they all show different strategies to take exercise breaks – from stretching, to sitting differently and mobility exercises.

Stretching your feet and legs after walks – this one is my favorite

Sit differently in your chair – you are not a prisoner!

Sit on the floor in these positions – teaches you how to sit on the floor better

Movement break for the side line – improves breathing and digestion

Big movements for your work breaks – to improve metabolism

Relax your neck at the end of the work day – to help you rest

19. Habit 6 – The Power of Sleep!

Sleep, both more and better sleep, is one of THE most powerful habits you can tackle. Your sleep affects your health, appetite, mood, motivation, creativity, productivity, and more. This habit is powerful, people! The Power of Sleep & Interview with Dan Pardi

20. What smartphones and screens do to your sleep? Watch this short, terrific video and share it with loved ones!

21. Also, we created a Sleep Hygiene Checklist to make improving your sleep even easier (or at least more clear). Now go and check it out!

22. Ready for the next part? Habit 7 invites you to be mindful when you eat. Slow Down Your Meals Chapter 3 – EatMoveLive52

23. Watch this video and practice paying attention to eating JUST one thing.

24. Listen to Galina talking about mindful eating and how it can powerfully affect your weight, energy and mood. Audio file here.

25. Watch Brian Wansink’s TED talk on mindless eating

26. Join the small plates movement. Learn how changing your plate can change how much you eat!

…and what’s the next habit? Stay tuned…

27. Habit 8 – Exercise. Listen to the audio.

Galina and Roland