Welcome to your 90 Day New Year Reboot

Welcome to 90 Day New Year Reboot. This page has all the content from the start in chronological order. All the files, videos, links, resources are here. If you lose something, come back here and find it.

Here are all the steps.

  1. Please fill out and submit this form.
  2. Please download and read the 30 Days of Real Food
  3. Join the Facebook group.


4. To help you visualize what your meals will look like during the first 30 days please download and read this file:  90 Day New Year Reboot – Planning Meals. You can print it out and use the tables to plan meals that you enjoy.

5. Listen to this interview, where we talk about using real food to detox your body, which is essentially the philosophy behind the first 30 days of the 90 Day New Year Reboot.

Click and listen here

You can listen in various different ways, including iTunes here.

6. Please take some time to clean up your pantry from red list ingredients and items. If your family still enjoys some of them, that is fine. Just make sure you know exactly which they are, so you don’t use them yourself. To help you clean up and stock up your pantry, we have created a detailed shopping list. Download it here.

7. Check out some awesome recipes we shared, so you can easily plan your meals using the sheets we provided in 90 Day New Year Reboot – Planning Meals.

You can see the recipes here .

8. Planning your time is crucial for your success and staying on track! Please view the video on planning time if you haven’t already. Managing your time – click!

9. View the January Calendar of events. This includes the events for all reboot participants. If you are local, you just get to hang out with us as we do them together.

10. Please watch Clean up your pantry + plan simply for a few days

11. Do not miss this video – 30 days to 90 days – a bird’s eye view of the Reboot

12. Make sure you have access to your google docs and that you are updating your log regularly, that is if you want us to give you feedback of course!

13. View a recording of the first Google Hangout from January 5th:

Habit 1 – Planning and shopping – discussion and Q and A

14. Watch this video on handling overwhelm. Click. 

15. Habit 2 – Walk more – watch the video here

16. Read this chapter from our upcoming book on the benefits of walking. Click.

17. See how your coaches have been taking the opportunity to walk more and eat real food this week. Watch the video here – Roland says extra extra vegetables…

18. Habit 1 and 2 – Google Hangout Discussion and Q and A – watch the video from Jan 16 here

19. 60 minute segment on food flavors and palatability. Watch video. 

20. Habit 3 – Become a label Detective – please read Reading the Labels – Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

21. Galina addresses you at the beginning of week three with this encouraging video – enjoy the process, it’s not all about the end goal – watch the video here

22. Habit 3 homework Label Detective – please watch the video to do your own shopping tour or join us locally Saturday morning

23. Habit 4 – Batch cooking – please watch the video and read the attached document 90DNYR Batch cooking – habit 4

25. Movement corner: Want to try a great stretch for the legs when you have been walking, running or skiing – check out the video here: stretch your legs – super easy and effective

26. Habit 5 – Track your symptoms – watch the video

27. Habit 6 – Learn about sleep – watch the video and read How much sleep is considered optimal? An interview with Dan Pardi

28. What smartphones and screens do to your sleep? Watch this impactful video and share with loved ones!

29. Habit 7 – Make your day dynamic – all about movement and not so much about exercise – watch the google hangout with questions and answers and the new habit

30. Habit 7 support videos

Sit in a chair with varied postures for your body – video

Sit on the floor – video

Stretch your torso for breathing and digestion – video

Stretching after walks and runs – video

Big moves for your dynamic breaks at work – video

38. Habit 8 – Google Hangout – Portion Mindfulness – watch the google hangout with questions and answers and the new habit

39. Watch Brian Wansink’s TED Talk on Mindful Eating 

40. Check out the Small plates movement and see if you would like to make that change yourselves!

41. Watch our Habit 9 – Exercise – Whaaat? You haven’t watched the video yet? Do it now!

42. Habit 10 – Google Hangout – Build-a-meal 

43. Using your hand to measure portions – super useful info graphic!

44. Did you see that Carolyne won the prize for the build-a-meal challenge? How cool is that!  Head over to the Facebook group and see her awesome pictures of shrimp over a bed of veggies.

45. Habit 11 – Meditate on this  – please read the chapter and take on the challenge

46. Watch this short video on Habit 11 – mindfulness

What’s next? Oh my!!! April 3 we meet for the round up of the 90Day Reboot, prize winner announcements and the final habit!!!

If you have any questions, please email us at rdenzel@gmail.com