30 Days of Real Food and Starlight Mints

Last night we kicked off our latest 90 Day Reboot and started in on 30 days of real food!

The 90 Day Reboot is our latest three month long health, fitness, nutrition, and weight loss challenge. It’s based on habit forming and good, sustainable nutrition, like we wrote about in The Real Food Reset. We do the small group ‘reboots’ locally here in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. Each one has been a little different, because each has been based on the requests and goals of our local clients and friends. Dynamic coaching on demand, even with teams and small groups!

The Kickoff!

We met with our first group of ten participants at the amphitheater at the Rancho lake last night. Galina and I could not be happier with the group. Our amazing team stood up, one by one, and shared their goals, their barriers, and their feelings about the challenge. All were happy, but some had fears and challenges, too. …but there they were, on a Thursday night, meeting to talk and walk as we kicked off the first part of the program!

Me, too…

For this reboot, Galina and I both decided to do it right along side our group. Camaraderie goes both ways, so I expect I’ll get some great results myself. Plus, it’s a good reminder going 30 days eating nothing but real, honest food, without all the little extras that sneak into daily life.

Day 2. Mint Condition

Two days in and things are going great. I had some coffee before a meeting, so I was feeling like I needed a mint. There was a bowl of them, right there. I had four…

Not those little mints with the spoons. Not an Altoid. A big red and white mint. A Starlight mint.


Then, after the meeting I grabbed two on my way through the lobby.

It wasn’t until I got to my car that I realized what had just happened, and only because I was looking for a place to throw the SIX mint wrappers. Oops.

Six mints, when I only needed one, if that.

Mindlessly snacking.

Mindlessly eating one more candy.

It can happen. It just did. To me.

To show you how mindless it was, my thought while looking for a trash can was where to find a Real Food lunch before my next meeting.

Then I remembered the mints…

Move along. Nothing to see here.

Actually I don’t mind if you see. It’s better to know that even coaches mess up. I know it wasn’t huge, but my point that it was mindless.

Mindlessly grab an extra helping.

Mindlessly finish you kid’s lunch.

Mindlessly pull a beer from the fridge.

Mindlessly take a handful of candy.

Mindlessly take a fourth handful of nuts. Even healthy foods can add up to too much, right?

Just be aware. Try. Do your best, but if you mess up, move along.

I just did.

You can, too.


30 Days of Real Food - The Real Food Reset

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