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Four years in the writing! Ten years in the making!

The Man on Top System!

Man on Top teaches you our system for losing fat, getting fit, and controlling your weight for life. The tagline of the book is a great summary, because it’s not just a marketing ploy. Ten years ago, I started the weight loss journey that got me lean and fit, and has kept me there to this day! Effortlessly.

It’s true. I don’t have the struggles (mentally or physically) that I had when I’d tried (and failed) to lose weight before. This time, I’d decided that things needed to be different, and I was resolved to make it happen. I did, and like so many of our clients and friends, you can, too!

Man on Top is available in paperback and for Kindle at Amazon. Click HERE for instant access and start reading now!

Also, available at Barnes & Noble (Paperback and Nook), and on Kobo and iTunes!

For a peak inside, check this out!

Man on Top – Introduction


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