If you’ve been with us for a while, you remember that our site wasn’t always EatMoveLive52.

We started as TheFitInk, then Eat Well, Move Well, but there’s so much more to life than just food and exercise, and we want to say it!

Shorter, catchier, hashtagable!

Enter #EatMoveLive52.

Eat Move Live 52 - Feel Better in a Week

We want to teach people how to eat, move, and live, in fun, simple, and rewarding ways, 52 weeks of the year. We’ve done that from day one, but our name really came out and said it until EatMoveLive52.

So, we have a new name and a new logo, but our philosophy hasn’t changed. We’re just putting year-round living right there in our name.


It matters. Every bite that you choose has the power to nourish you and help you thrive. From choosing seasonal, fresh and local food, to learning how to prepare it and enjoy it – we believe in simple, real and time tested practices. We lean on the wisdom of our ancestors and our understanding of nutrition science to make the best decisions for our families and our students.


It matters. Our cellular health depends on the stimulation provided by movement. From modifying our work environment so we can be more dynamic during the day, to planning how we spend our free time, we find a way to make life truly active – without disrupting the rhythm of work and creativity, but blending our passion for productivity with the passion for health. Exercise can be a supplement on the days when we didn’t get to move enough, or as a part of specific goals, such as developing strength or endurance for a specific task.


This matters most of all. On some level, we all know what’s best for us. We know we need to eat better. We know we need to move more. Fitting health into our daily lives can be hard, but many of us make it harder than it has to be. Few people got unhealthy overnight. It took lots of tiny changes over many years to get where we are today. The good news is that things can get better the same way.


With simple, powerful, healthy steps, you can accomplish a lot in just a week. The tagline for our latest book is even “52 ways to feel better in a week!” Luckily, there are fifty-two weeks in each year.  52 opportunities to feel great.

Eat Move Live 52 - Feel better in a week

Our goal here at EatMoveLive52 is to give you all the simple steps to great health that you need, and all while making sure you don’t have to turn your life upside down!

Baby steps to better health. They work, but don’t be surprised if you start to feel so much better that you soon feel like taking giant steps to celebrate your health and success!

How can you best use the information here?

Here, you will find articles, videos, books, ebooks, pictures, and programs that will help you coach yourself to great health – whether you are looking for a way to eat a bit better or you want to lose lose a little or a lot of unwanted weight. Maybe you’ve felt quite stiff for a while and you would like to be more active – stretch, walk, or start strength training! Or you are looking for a way to make your office healthier – transitioning to a stand up desk and exercise breaks!

We want to hang out with you so please join our free Facebook Group, say hello, share your thoughts, or ask a question!

Before you come hang out with us, why not get to know us a bit better?

Hi, my name is Roland Denzel, and I used to be fat

View More: http://shannonleith.pass.us/denzelLike I said above, I used to be fat, but now I’m not. I grew up chubby and sedentary, and when I was about thirty five, I decided to make a change and make it permanent.

Around 2003, I lost a lot of fat and a lot of weight (is 110lbs a lot?), and I’ve kept off the fat ever since. Although I have to say that I’ve added back a lot of muscle, too. Today I’m about 200 pounds, but leaner than I was when I was at my all time low of 160 pounds!

In all the years since, I’ve learned a lot, and my quest to get fit and trim has morphed into a passion for fitness and nutrition that I didn’t know I had hidden inside of me.

That passion has led to competing and training in Kettlebell Sport, in addition to becoming an IKFF certified kettlebell coach.

As someone who’s always been passionate about food and cooking, I’m proud to say that my weight loss journey has also spawned an interest in healthier eating. I’m a self-taught cook, unless you count Sunset Magazine and Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks as teachers, but a large part of my nutritional education comes from Precision Nutrition, where I got my certification as a Precision Nutrition Coach.

I’m a strong advocate of what we call a “real food” diet, which is based on the way our ancestors tended to eat. We don’t always have to look back millions of years to learn what’s good for us to eat, though. Most of us only have to look back a few hundred years – and in some cases just to our great grandparents – to see types of foods we were meant to eat. One that worked pretty well for humanity.


Hi, my name is Galina Ivanova Denzel and I have spent the last 12 years of my life helping thrive through moving and eating better

View More: http://shannonleith.pass.us/denzel

I am a Restorative Exercise™ Specialist, personal trainer, nutrition coach, cookbook author, wellness speaker and educator. I specialize in working with people with specific needs, from pregnancy and postnatal recovery, to low back and knee pain, diabetes or osteoporosis. I also work alongside clients who just want to lose some fat and get in shape.  I have created a growing online consulting practice, and get to work with people all over the world! I am also passionate about corporate wellness culture ad have been consulting for large companies for the last 7 years.

I enjoy cooking and working on new recipes daily, and while some of my girly ones didn’t make the ‘‘Man on Top” cooking section, I promise to keep you well fed with delicious and easy to make healthy food. If you already own the book, you’ve had my shakes, pancakes and oatmeal, so drop us a line and let me know what you think!

I am looking forward to getting to know you, the reader, and to share our mutual  passion for health and fitness! I am here to help you and be your partner on the way to a happier you!

You can visit me online or in person over at my private practice website at Move Well Studio in Southern California, where I teach individuals and groups.

You can find out more about me and my other projects at GalinaDenzel.com.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day

Galina and I are proud to represent Orange County as Food Revolution Ambassadors!

As Orange County’s Ambassadors to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, our mission is to educate kids, families and our community about the value of real and nutritious food and to have fun while doing it!

Since 2012 we’ve held Real Food Scavenger Hunts and Picnics, Stone Soup Parties, Food Revolution Day CarnivalsFarmer’s Market Tours, Child & Parent Cooking Classes, and more.

Food Revolution Day is always on the third Friday of May, and kicks off a whole weekend of Real Food events around the world, including locally for us, here in Rancho Santa Margarita, California!

More than just writing partners…

Oh, in case you’re wondering, in addition to writing together, we are husband and wife.

We met through our passion for health, fitness, nutrition, and writing. We actually fell in love while writing our first book, and after a long period of living on two continents, got married here in beautiful Southern California, where we plan to live healthy, fit, and happily ever after.

Together, we are the authors of five books, including Man on Top, which is the book that brought the two of us together. “Man on Top: Lose Fat, Get Fit, and Control Your Weight for Life,” is our men’s fat loss lifestyle book. It’s inspired by Roland’s fat loss journey, but also filled with Galina’s experience owning a successful gym and overseeing thousands of clients. It’s the system that we still use today, with our own clients!

“The Real Food Reset”  is a great introduction to eating a diet of unprocessed food, learning how your body reacts to certain foods, and starting to understand how your mood, energy and strength can greatly improve if you modify your diet.

Our latest book is “Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well – 52 ways to feel better in a week.” It’s a collection of 52 lessons (see that fifty-two again?) from our last decade of teaching and coaching, and is our favorite book yet because it focuses on super simple steps that stack up and lead to a healthy, happy life, all year long!

You can find out about all of our books at EatMoveLive52.com/books.