Coaching with Roland and Galina Denzel

You’ve tried one-size-fits-all programs…

We’ve all tried them, and just like those one-size-fits-all t-shirts, it’s a big lie.

Those shirts might fit someone, but they never fit anyone well, much less everyone, well.

Here at EatMoveLive52, we offer personalized coaching that’s designed for just the level of guidance and motivation you’re looking for.

No quick fixes, no crash diets, no extreme exercise required

We’ve been doing this (and living this) for a long time.

We’re not quick fix people, because those fixes don’t last.

Collectively, we’ve trained hundreds of people around the world and taught thousands through our books and programs. Since our first days of coaching (and even our first book), we’ve always been about creating a lifestyle built on simple habits, not huge changes.

Habits that don’t force you to turn your life upside down are habits for life. And even the smallest of habits add up to big change.

Small habits add up to big results

If you are ready to make a change and think we might be a good fit, we look forward to talking to you.

Individual Coaching

If you’ve tried to lose weight multiple times or if you have a specific challenge, this is the program for you.

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One on one coaching goes way beyond mere advice on what to eat and how to exercise.

Together we will determine what drives your success, work past your previous reasons for failure, and create a plan that helps you express your true self.

A step by step, individualized coaching process is the most powerful way to fulfill the vision you have for your health.

Individual Coaching Includes:

  • Initial phone, Skype, or Messenger consultation
  • Coaching to establish goals and good habits, one at a time, so you aren’t forced to change who you are or turn your life upside down
  • Weekly or biweekly phone or Skype consultations
  • Customized training and exercise plans
  • Unlimited email support

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